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At Brighter Futures Therapy Center, we are dedicated to providing excellent therapy services through “Best Practice” for individuals influenced with illness, developmental delays, and/or disabilities. Our focus is to provide therapy to meet individual needs and to empower the lives of our clients through building skills and ultimately creating a Brighter Future for the people we serve.

At Brighter Futures Therapy Center, we focus on using a team approach between therapist and caregivers; providing education and support which allows each client to receive the opportunity to enhance performance skills on a daily basis with valued and purposeful activity engagement.

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Brighter Futures Therapy Center, LLC

303 Second Street, Somerset, KY 42501

8706 S. Hwy 25 Corbin, KY 40701 

Key Village Shopping Center Russell Springs, KY 42642

 Tel: (606) 677-1166 

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Dana Speck
Paula Gibson

In November of 2013 Dana Speck and Paula Gibson came together to connect professions for Rehabilitation Services (Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy) and Behavior Health Services (Positive Behavior Supports and Counseling) to maximize quality and success with the clients they served. This connection through Brighter Futures Therapy Center has been an amazing process as they have continued to grow and watch clinicians, families and the people they serve grow, learn, and achieve valued person-centered goals.

Somerset Office

303 Second St.

Somerset, KY 42501

Rusell Springs Office

Key Village Shoppping Center

2443 Lakeway Dr,

Russell Springs, KY 42642

Corbin Office

8706 S. Hwy 25

Corbin, KY 40701

BFTC Transitions

807 Monticello St.

Somerset, KY 42501

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